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Wireless Networking

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have network access in every location around the office that you ever needed it?  Unfortunately, it simply isn’t practical or economically feasible to have that many network cables installed.  There is another solution – it’s time to check out wireless!  It gives you the flexibility that you need without the exorbitant cost.  And, if configured properly, it can be as secure as a traditional wired network.

Wireless networking eliminates the need for expensive cabling or patching. If you are moving your company to a new location, setting up a new office, adding a new department in the same building or simply adding a few machines to your network, wireless networking is generally the most cost effective and expedient method to connect your network. There is very little downtime and you can move systems around to meet the needs of your staff and space requirements. If speed is a factor, you will be happy to know that it is not likely you will notice any difference in performance from traditional local area networks (LAN) and by utilizing encryption and other security features your data will be kept safe.

Properly setting up the security features on your network is critical though.   The basic security features provided in many of the wireless networks offer some protection, but can still leave you vulnerable to a variety of attacks.  Without a properly configured network, you can expose your systems to hackers who are able to take control of your computer; they can then gain access to your files or install malicious programsPasswords or other sensitive information could be stolen.  Data files could be lost.  Unauthorized users could gain access to confidential banking information or to proprietary or sensitive documents.   Users could be blocked from gaining access to network services.

Don’t think that this could happen to you?  Hopefully not, but attacks can be generated by a lot of different sources: organized criminals, ruthless competitors, disgruntled employees, or just a hacker out for kicks.  Unless your network has been securely configured by an experienced professional, you could be unintentionally handing them the key to all of your sensitive information.  Are you really willing to take that risk? 

There are a lot of benefits to wireless networking – you just need to make sure that it’s done securely.


Our basic wireless package includes*:

Wireless router

Wireless network card

Hardware installation

Security setup and testing

* This package includes setup of 1 additional computer via wireless to your network. Additional computers can be added at a nominal charge.

Whether you would like to be able to add new users, accommodate occasional users or enable your current users to move around within the office, a wireless network can provide you with an enormous amount of flexibility.  Contact us to make sure you get to enjoy the benefits, without the risks.


Check out our Wireless Networking brochure for some additional info.

(Brochures are in PDF format –– if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it.)


If you would like to know more about networking in general, take a look at our Networking and Networking – Small Business pages in the Services section, or please contact us for further details.


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