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Small Business Server

If you’ve ever even thought about getting a network, chances are that you probably need one!  You know what –– even if you haven’t thought about it, there’s still a pretty good chance that you need one!  Don’t think you’re big enough to need a network – or afford one?  Think again.

In the past, it was only larger companies who actually required networks –– they were the only ones who really had enough data to warrant the expense.  That’s no longer the case.  Today, most companies, regardless of their size, have an overload of data they need to deal with – and if we don’t properly manage our data, it slowly starts to manage us.

MS Small Business Server is a networking package that was specifically designed for small business (including its price!)  SBS not only helps you manage your information, but it also allows you to maximize your IT resources –– saving you both valuable time and money!

What is a Server?

First, let’s start with the basics.  A server is basically just a large computer that all of the other computers in an organization are connected to.  The software that is installed on the server allows all of the computers that are connected to it to communicate with each other and to share files and resources.


Why do you need a Server?

Many small business owners think that their companies are operating well enough without a server and do not believe that installing one would provide them with sufficient benefits to justify the cost. The reality is that the MS Small Business Server not only makes businesses operate more efficiently, but it can significantly reduce costs as well – both in the short and long term.

Although your business might be managing alright now, the value that a server brings to your business becomes painfully obvious as you start to grow larger.  If a solid infrastructure is not already in place, then trying to organize your systems midstream will cost you more than doing it right from the beginning.  It will likely delay your efforts to grow your business as well.  Your foresight and planning will be well rewarded.
Take a look at the information below to find out more about the features of a server and what they do for your business.


Key Advantages of a Server


File Sharing

Resource Sharing

Centralized Data Backup & Restore


What benefits do those features mean for your business? 

File Sharing provides the ability to gain instant access to any files that need to be shared amongst members of your staff.  Valuable time isn’t wasted tracking down where required files are located and transferring them to the users who need them. 

Even in companies with just a few employees, it can be difficult to figure out who has the information we need –– especially since the employees in small companies often must take on multiple areas of responsibility.  With a network, everyone requiring access to a certain file is able to instantly retrieve that information.

Resource Sharing means that you can easily have a single printer, a single fax machine and a single internet connection that can be used by everyone in the office simultaneously.  That can save a substantial amount in equipment costs.

Many small companies will begin with a single printer, fax machine and internet connection.  However, over time, as the business begins to grow, employees’ time starts being wasted as they wait to use these resources.  The company must decide whether to live with this employee downtime or to order additional printers, faxes or internet connections.  Each thing by itself may not seem that expensive, but gradually, the costs can grow to be significant.

Centralized Data Backup & Restore ensures that all of your files are backed up together and are protected if there is a system crash.  If files are not regularly backed up, the cost to try to recover them can be astronomical – and if the files are unrecoverable, the cost to your business is incalculable.

The files for small businesses are no less important than the files for large corporations If you lose them because your systems have not been properly backed up, it is just as damaging to your company as it would be for a large company.  A centralized backup ensures that all of your files are automatically backed up and protected. 


Specific Benefits of MS Small Business Server

SBS provides the same key benefits as a standard file server, but also adds additional functionality that has traditionally required multiple servers.  SBS has effectively bundled all of those servers into one package, so you do not require the extra hardware or software licenses for additional servers.

In addition to the key server benefits listed above, additional features of SBS include:

Remote Web Workplace: allows you to work from wherever you happen to be

Monitoring: detect potential issues before  they become a problem

Collaboration: internal team Web site for sharing documents, calendars and tasks
Outlook Web Access : access e-mail, calendars and tasks through the Web

Email Hosting: host your company email in-house

Secure Internet Connectivity: provides the greatest level of security for internet access

User Access Control: determine which users have access to which files

Flexibility: licensing from as few as 5 users; expandable up to 75 users


The Bottom Line

The investment that most small businesses put into a server is generally recouped within months.  Not only does a server result in increased productivity – both for employees in the office and on the road –– but it reduces office equipment costs, and it can prevent massive data loss, plus all of the inevitable downtime that results from computer failures.

So, to answer our original question: Why does your business need a server? 
In addition to providing you with the infrastructure you need to facilitate the future growth of your company, it can save you time; it can save employee costs; it can save equipments costs; and it could potentially save your business


Our package includes:

      Intel Xeon Quad-Core server with mirrored hot-swappable drives

      Installation of MS Small Business Server software, including
         5 user licenses

Optional package:

      Complete Configuration, User & Group Setup, Onsite Installation & Testing


Check out our MS Small Business Server brochure for some additional info.

(Brochures are in PDF format –– if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it.)


We are certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists, so if you would like to learn more about Small Business Server or the advantages of networking, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants or we invite you to take advantage of our FREE Systems Consultation offer!

If your networking requirements exceed the capabilities of SBS, please take a look at our Networking page in the Services section. 


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