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Whether you’re looking for standard business applications, such an Office suite, or you need a specialized application for your particular industry, Latest Developments carries a broad selection of Software packages. 

Our software lines cover most business categories, including Office Suites, Accounting, Database, Data Backup *, AntiSpam, AntiVirus, Firewall & Security, Remote Access *, Project Management, Networking & Communications, CAD, Systems Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, etc.  We also provide, install and support a wide variety of specialized industry–specific applications. 

If you find that your company has some specialized needs that simply aren’t met by any of the products currently on the market, we also offer application customization as well as complete application design and development services.  Whatever your requirements, we can tailor your software to meet your company’s specifications.  Please take a look at our Programming & Application Customization services for further information.

If there is a particular type of software you are looking for, if you need some advice, or if you would like some further information on how we might be able to enhance your current applications, please give us a call.

* Please see our Product Packages page for products that have been designed specifically for our small business customers.




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