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Networking – Small Business

Many small businesses order their computer systems, plug them in, and get to work.  Although that might work for a while, pretty soon, neither their systems nor their offices will not be operating as effectively as they should be.  

The speed of business has accelerated dramatically in recent years.  As a result, we have become increasingly reliant upon our computers.  So, we need to find ways to organize our systems and make them work more efficiently.  The best way to do that is with a network.

What is a Network?

A network is essentially a system that links multiple computers together.  The heart of the network is a server, which is basically just a large computer that all of the desktop or laptop computers in an organization are connected to.  The server software allows all of the individual computers that are connected to it to communicate with each other and to share files and resources.

Why Does Your Business Need a Network?

Many smaller companies do not consider themselves large enough to require a computer network – or to afford one.  They figure that their businesses have been managing alright so far without a network.  How much of a difference could it really make for an office their size?

In actuality, networks offer a lot of advantages that make companies – even small ones –– operate much more efficiently, and can save them a significant amount of money.

In addition, as your company grows, it will definitely require a network to operate properly.  Why not just wait until then to install a network?  It’s a lot cheaper and easier to do it now.  If a proper infrastructure is not in place before a company starts to grow, disorganization slowly creeps in.  The old “system” then needs to be figured out before a new system can be implemented.  That’s inevitably going to cost you more.  Not to mention that while you’re trying to manage the growth of your business is not the ideal time to be trying to sort out and reorganize your systems.  The end result could be that the growth of your business is hindered.

Key Advantages of a Network:

File Sharing.  Improves productivity –– provides the ability for staff members to access the same documents and databases.

Resource Sharing.  Reduces equipment costs –– a single printer, a single fax machine and a single internet connection can be shared by everyone in the office simultaneously.

Centralized Data Backup & Restore.  Protects important data – files are all backed up together, preventing data loss in the case of a system crash.

Additional Advantages Include:

Remote Access – allows you or your employees to instantly access any files on the network from home or on the road.

Integrated Email and Scheduling Tools – improves communication amongst employees and with customers.

Firewall Protection – prevents access to your data by outside intruders.
System Stability – a more stable platform means that your systems are less likely to fail.

What About the Cost?

In the past, networks were prohibitively expensive and tended to be used primarily by larger corporations.  That is no longer the case.  Microsoft has developed a networking package that was specifically designed for small businesses.  It includes the advantages of traditional network servers, but has been modified to meet the needs of small business clients – including the price.  Licensing ranges from 5 to 75 users.

To read more about the benefits that networking provides for small businesses, please check out our MS Small Business Server page in the Product Packages section.

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If your networking requirements exceed the capabilities of SBS, please take a look at our Networking page for additional offerings.


Also, if you have cabling issues that have prevented you from installing a network in the past, you should check out our Wireless Networking page in the Product Packages section.   

If you have any questions on networking and how it might help your business, contact us to set up an appointment.  We’d love a chance to explain how technology can be applied to small business and how it might be able to help you achieve your business goals.




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