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Email Filtering

Do you have a virus and spam detection solution in place?  Is it up–to–date?  Are you sure? 

That’s one of the big problems with most anti–virus and anti–spam products on the market today – ensuring that they are kept current.  And even if you are extremely diligent about updating them, many of these solutions still can’t keep up quickly enough with all of the new threats as they emerge. 

Email–Based Threats

Cyber crime has become big business – exceeding even the illegal drug trade!  And the problem continues to grow as the threats continue to become more sophisticated. 

For most small businesses, the risks posed by email viruses are just as real as they are for bigger corporations.  If your systems are compromised, you risk losing bank account numbers, user names and passwords, credit card numbers, confidential company and client information, not to mention the losses caused by downtime while you try to remove the virus from your systems.  If this were to happen, both your business and your reputation could be permanently damaged. 

Despite the risks, many in the small business community continue to run their systems either completely unprotected or with a solution that makes them “feel” safe – until a serious virus threat attacks.  (And just because it may not have happened to you yet, don’t be fooled into thinking that it won’t!)

Even if, so far, you have been able contain the threats, a huge percentage of your IT resources are used to deal with them.  Over 95% of email these days is spam.  Just because you don’t see most of it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  And the problem is that 95% of your email server’s capacity and your email bandwidth is taken up dealing with the spam coming in. 

In addition, whoever handles your IT needs has to spend an enormous amount of their time ensuring that your virus and spam solutions are kept up–to–date and managed properly.  For small companies with limited resources, that’s a lot of wasted time and resources.  Effectively defending against these threats is simply becoming unaffordable for most small businesses. 

There is finally a more reliable, more affordable solution: a managed email filtering service.  Its benefits far exceed those of the software and appliance products on the market, and it is able to eliminate the considerable risks that come with those options.

What is an Email Filtering Service and How Does it Differ from Other Products?

Email filtering is a service to protect businesses against email-based threats.  Unlike traditional solutions, such as anti–virus and anti–spam software or all–in–one appliance solutions, which are installed and managed at your organization, managed email filtering is a service that is operated off–site by email security specialists using state–of–the–art scanning devices

By using Zero Hour Scanning, email filtering provides real–time updates against new virus outbreaks. It is able to detect and defend against attacks immediately; plus all scanning of your email occurs before it ever reaches your network.  This prevents your systems from getting bogged down by the flood of spam that inundates us on a daily basis.

Trying to manage email security risks on your own not only reduces the level of protection that you can employ, but you also become vulnerable to the risks of hardware failure that are inherent with in–house solutions (see “Risks of Hardware Failures” below).

Are additional purchases required?
Is set up quick and easy?
Are customers protected from a single point of failure?
Are guarantees of accuracy and availability provided?
Will bandwidth improve as a result
of usage?
Is unlimited SPAM storage space included?
Can the system cope with major increases of traffic?
Is it maintained, updated and supported?
Can the system protect against
Denial of Service attacks?
Can the system protect
against Directory Harvest attacks?
Will the system cope with
new threats in real time?

Why is Email Filtering the Best Solution for Small Business?

At first glance, a managed email filtering service may seem more suited for a larger company, but it is actually small to medium–sized companies that often benefit the most. 

These days it takes sophisticated equipment to be able to combat the ever more sophisticated threats that are emerging.  This equipment is unaffordable for most small to medium sized businesses, which means they are unable to build an adequate defense system in–house. 

However, our email filtering system, an award winning protection, management and compliance service for email and the web, is used by customers around the world. That means we are able to use the most advanced detection devices available and provide the highest level of protection to help keep all of our customers secure – no matter what their size.  Each client pays only for the number of users it needs to protect. 

Since Managed Services offer so many benefits over the competition, customers are switching from software and appliance solutions at a rapid rate: this sector is growing at an estimated 44% per annum (Datamonitor).

Benefits of LDI's Email Filtering Service:

Set up is both quick and simple, requiring no software or hardware.

Unlike software and hardware, email is filtered on the internet, before it reaches the user’s IT network. By delivering only filtered email, this saves bandwidth –– a key benefit given the rapid escalation in the volume of email traffic worldwide.

With specialists managing the solution, the user does need to not worry about whether their system is armed with the latest virus updates. A spectrum of specialist filters take away the burden, giving the user guaranteed peace of mind.

Networks are protected from Denial of Service attacks.

Each customer retains full, real–time and flexible control of email via an easy–to–use and intuitive web portal.


Risks of Hardware Failures
 Software & Appliance Solutions

What if an on–network solution should have a hardware failure?

With an on–network product or appliance solution, for cost reasons, most customers will choose to deploy only one box.

The downside of this approach is that if the software PC or hardware appliance should experience a failure of any kind (and we all know hardware does fail at unexpected times), then you have no fallback or redundancy to rely upon.

This means that, should such a failure occur, you have two options:

  1. Let the mail through to your users unfiltered until a replacement is in place (letting in spam, potential spyware, virus and malware through to your users)
  2. Turn off mail delivery to your users until a fix is in place

For most businesses, neither of these options is acceptable. With a managed filtering service, the powerful infrastructure and support teams that are running the systems in the background protect you from having to worry about such issues.

Free Trial

We believe that Email Filtering is the solution for preventing both current and future email-based threats; however, we realize that it can be a little nerve-wracking to contemplate making changes to your systems – especially when it comes to security.  That’s why we are offering a 14 Day Free Trial of our Email Filtering Service.  Test it out and confirm for yourself that it’s not just a lot of marketing hype. 

If you have any questions about the service, either before or after your free trial, contact us and we would be happy to discuss them with you.


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