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The Band-Aid Approach


Do you really need an on-going service plan for your systems?  A lot of small businesses use the Band-Aid Approach for their computer problems.  They more or less let their computers run until there is a problem with them.  Then, they call an IT company to come in and try to fix it.  The problem with band-aid solutions is that you keep having to buy more band-aids – and the problem still isn’t fixed!!  Instead of continually spending more and more money to keep “fixing” the same problem, doesn’t it makes a lot more sense to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place?!  Not only will it keep things running more smoothly, but it will actually save you money


Support Plans: The Safer (& Cheaper) Approach


If your systems aren’t properly maintained and secured, eventually, they are going to fail.  Are you able to afford that kind of expense?!  Trying to fix a problem that has been left unattended or only patched up temporarily becomes much more costly.  When systems crash, not only can the emergency repair bills be expensive, but the downtime experienced by your staff costs you more than you think: without their systems, your staff can’t access their files, which means they’re not able to do a lot of their work; not only does this result in a loss of productivity, but it can also mean missing critical deadlines, poor customer response times, paying overtime, etc.  Or even worse, a crash could result in your data being unrecoverable.  What would that do to your business?!


Maintenance plans are sort of like insurance policies – only better.  With insurance policies, you spend a little (or a lot!) each month to avoid the often unbearable expense of either repairing or writing off your car after a crash.  With service maintenance plans, you spend a little each month on preventative maintenance to avoid the costly – and sometimes irreparable – damage to your business that can be caused by a systems crash or security breach.  The added benefit of a maintenance plan is that your systems are serviced on an on-going basis; this makes them run more efficiently, which in turn, makes your business more productive.  Don’t you wish your car insurance policy would also cover your mechanic’s bills and make your car run better?!


Many of our current customers started out using the band-aid approach.  For awhile, it more or less seemed to work.  However, as soon as they switched over to using one of our support plans instead, they immediately understood the difference – and the value in it – and would not even consider going to back to their old “support systems”.  They didn’t realize how much of their time and effort was being wasted, or what a difference properly maintained systems could make to their business.  It’s sometimes hard to see the benefits until you start using the service.


Many small businesses don’t realize the importance of their systems and their data until a problem occurs, and it’s too late – that’s when they truly realize the value of a regular maintenance program and kick themselves for not implementing one sooner!  Before you have to give yourself a boot, give us a call!


For additional information on the support services Latest Developments provides and to find out more about Why You Should Use Latest Developments’ Services, please take a look at our IT Support page.

LDI’s SecureIT Support Plans


So, what kind of service plan is best for your company?  


It all depends on what you’re looking for, but most of our customers don’t want to have to think much about their systems.  They want them to work properly; they want them to help run their business more efficiently; and they want them to be able to grow with their business; plus, they want to minimize their costs.  If that’s the case, then Total Assurance is the plan for you.  We also have a couple of other options if you require a plan with less support.


Total Assurance

Comprehensive Managed IT Services for Your Network + Predictable IT Support Costs


This is our most popular plan.  For one fixed monthly price, get all of your IT needs taken care of: unlimited help desk and remote user support; onsite technical support; monitoring of all of your systems; network administration and maintenance; security; backup and disaster recovering planning, and vendor management.  It’s like having your own IT department.  We manage your systems completely and we advise you on how to use technology to help make your business prosper.


ProActive Network Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repairs & Downtime


Provides on-going maintenance of your systems, secures your data, and keeps your systems running the way they are supposed to.  It includes help desk and remote user support; onsite system checks; monitoring of your systems; security; and scheduled maintenance.  By implementing a regular maintenance schedule we can proactively address potential problems and prevent emergencies from occurring – which can save you a lot of time and money in system repairs and downtime.


IT Monitoring & Support

Alerts You to Problems Lurking in Your Systems


Allows us to monitor your systems for potential problems so that we can notify you of any issues that arise.  It ensures that security measures like virus protection and software security patches are up-to-date, that your data backup is working properly, etc.  If any issues do occur, we will recommend what measures need to be taken to correct them.  You will also receive help desk and remote user support. 


With all of our support plans, you will be eligible for discounted rates for hardware and software purchases as well as for any additional services we perform or projects that we are contracted for. Also, you are exempt from travel charges for any of the services covered by your plan. 


So, if you’d prefer to focus on the needs of your business rather than how to handle the latest computer crisis, give us a call to figure out a service plan that best suits you. 



How to Get Started


We recommend that you take advantage of our FREE Network Consultation offer.  That gives us a chance to assess your company’s current setup and then we can sit down with you to help determine which maintenance plan level would be most suitable to start with.  Contact us to sign up now for your free consultation so that we can start making you our next satisfied customer!



Customer Referral Program


We know that you are going to be so satisfied with the level of service you receive from Latest Developments that you’re going to want to tell others about us.  To let you know how much we appreciate your referrals, we’ve come up with a program that allows us to say thank you in a meaningful way.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Partner with Latest Developments for your IT needs

Step 2:  Tell your friends and business associates about us and the incredible service that you are receiving

Step 3:  Send us the contact info for companies that might also benefit from our services

Step 4:  Receive Customer Referral Rewards


Do your friends and business associates a favour – get their IT needs taken care of by the Small Business Specialists that you trust – and reward yourself while you’re at it!


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