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Eliminates need for constant updates to keep current
No software or hardware required
Stops viruses and spam before they get to your server
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Continuity in support
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Small Business Specialists

At Latest Developments we understand small business... we are a small business ourselves. Over the past 20 years we have had the chance to develop a broad understanding of the needs, dreams and direction of small business, which has made us a leading supplier of Small Business IT services and support in our region.

Delivering Value & Quality

We believe in quality! That means not only do you receive quality service by highly trained IT professionals, but you can also be sure that the hardware, software and peripherals we use are the greatest value to your business. Because we understand that it’s your money, we don't advocate upgrading and implementing new solutions just for the sake of it. Although that may be good for our business, it's generally not good for yours. We treat your budget as though it were our own, so we don't recommend anything unless there's a solid business reason for it.


Your I.T. Partners

We are not just a technology provider – we believe in developing partnerships with our customers.  Keeping your systems operating properly is only part of our job.  It is our goal is to help you figure out ways to use technology to make your business grow.  No matter what your current size, you need to embrace technology and utilize its full potential to become more profitable and efficient – which then enables you to provide your customers with a higher level of service.  

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Latest News & Info

Risky Business?
A recent study focusing on SMBs and their security practices revealed some troubling results. How does your company’s security measure up?
Windows 7 is released
Microsoft has released its long awaited follow-up to the Vista desktop operating system. Windows 7 has finally hit the shelves and is earning strong reviews. To find out more about the new version, check out the link.
New Search Engine
MSN has launched a new search engine with some innovative new features to help navigate the web. It is reportedly supposed to help you make better decisions faster.
Tech News:
Virus protection is still a vital part of everyday computer maintenance, yet not enough users are implementing virus protection. To view a list of the latest Virus releases click below. If you have a virus, Latest Developments can clean your system and get you up and running again fast.

Featured Packages

We have a number of product packages that have been designed specifically for our small business customers:

Web Services Package

personalized domain name
professional look
email client setup included
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DataSafe Backup

simple to use
cheap insurance against data loss
peace of mind
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W.A.R.P. Remote Access Package

cut down on your commutes
access your office files from anywhere
remote tech support
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Certified Small Business Specialists

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